Refund Policy

Funders will get a refund of their contribution in case the campaign they are funding fails to achieve its target.

  • The Funders agree to receive the refund either through a couriered cheque or via an online reversal/refund of their original payments. In case of a cheque refund (for cases where the initial contribution was made via cheque or bank transfer), the Funders agrees to allow Yoursearch Films to deduct courier charges from the contribution. In case of an Online refund/ reversal (for cases of online Payment), the Funders agrees and acknowledges that the payment gateway has the right to deduct their charges from the refunded amount.
  • A Funder cannot ask for a refund if a campaign funded met its target.
  • In the event of an unreasonable delay beyond the period stipulated by the campaigner for fulfillment of the rewards, after a campaign has successfully met its target, Funders may seek legal remedy directly against the campaigner / campaign owner.
  • Campaigners may cancel or refund a contribution at any time and for any reason, and if they do so, are not required to deliver the reward.
  • Refund initiation starts after 15 days of project cancel and the gateways might takes 5 to 7 working days to refund it to your preferred account.

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