Rules To Your Project

We are in a mission of helping the creative talents and their works so we need rules to achieve it.

1. We Only accept projects in the following categories

Films, Music, Documentary
Currently we accept projects under this category only!.

2. Every Idea of crowdfunding on our platform must be a 'project'

Projects on our platform should be time bound with assured completion of the project such as Films, Music videos. We don't accept projects for company expenses, NEO's, Medical expenses etc.

3. Every project must be original and unique

We help to unique and original content only and don't accept projects that have been done earlier.

4. Projects must in 'work in progress' Stage

Showing your work in progress will increase credibility and trustfulness in the eyes of funders, especially those who won't know you personally.

5. Project must be presented via 'pitch video'

A funder will fund to your idea by looking at how good is your 'pitch video' and things you going to include in it.

6. Project funding goal is allowed up to 2 months to reach its target

You need to define your budget and rise funds with in these 2 months only.

7. Funders on our platform wants Reward, not financial returns

Funders want to support interesting ideas, they don't expect any financial returns. but they must be rewarded for certain amounts, rewards like inviting them to view behind the production process, personal thank you message, inviting lunch with team, early access to watch your project etc

8. Don't be shy when crowdfunding for your project

Yes, Don't shy to reach out your personal circle - friends, family, relatives, alumni, followers to support your work.

To know how Yoursearch Films Crowdfund works – How it works (click here)

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